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Vinix Pro Account

di Filippo Ronco
Vinix is growing each day.
The value of the Vinix Pro account improves with an ever-increasing number of registered users joining in. The many added advantages of Vinix Pro, (available for a mere 150 euros yearly fee (VAT not included), make it a "must" for any Firm and for Professional subscribers:

a) Priority when searched
Your name appears before any free subscriber, whenever a search is being made within Vinix by keyword (i.e.: wine name, vineyard, type of cuisine, accessories, services being provided, Firms being represented, etc.), by name, by Country, region, province, city or town.
You can be reached by targeted individuals & organizations, simply by adding keywords and tags related to your activity or sphere of interest in your extended profile.
For example: some time ago I was asked by a producer of Prosecco how he could make sure to appear at the top of the list when someone was searching for "spumante". We helped him to modify his extended profile and now his Firm is always within the first three names listed. If you want to make sure that your name appears among the first in searches that could be meaningful to you, all you need to do is join a Vinix Pro Plan, and make sure that the right keywords are included in your extended profile. Keep in mind that thousands of searches take place on Vinix each day!

b) Priority in announcements
You will appear ahead of "free plan" subscribers also in the results of searches for commercial announcements, meaning that announcements published by Pro Plan subscribers, will always appear first. Location! location! location! No need to elaborate further.

c) Personalized Professional Stats
It is important to assess the efficiency of your activities, particularly if you are very active on Vinix. This is the task performed by the personalized statistics section. All data related to the traffic on your site is gathered here, helping you to analyze it, and thus better understand, who looks at your profile and which groups might show specific interest in parts of your activity. This feature is only available on the Pro Plan.

d) Detailed Profile
More space available to introduce yourself. A detailed Company profile on Vinix, complete with pictures, logos, additional data and description (allowing you to be found more easily on Vinix or by other search engines through keywords in your profile). Besides giving you all the advantages illustrated in a), and regardless of whether you are active on Vinix or not, a detailed profile will help maximize who you are and what you do. Keep in mind that your profile is associated with everything you publish on Vinix, be it a comment, a post or whatever; it is important that anyone clicking on our profile be able to find accurate information about you. This is yet another Pro Plan's advantage.

e) Advanced QR Code features
Endless possibilities to personalize your QR Code, automatically generated by Vinix and based upon your request.

f) Discounted translations on demand
Our Pro Plan offers special rates for any translation of announcements or posts obtained through our professional translation services.

g) Advanced multi-lingual feature
Aiming at foreign markets? It is vital that your content be published in more than one language. If you write only in Italian, few people will understand you abroad.This Pro Plan service (for now available for posts and announcements only) will allow you to publish copy both in Italian and English. Vinix will take care of the rest, choosing the correct language depending upon the visitors' preference. Furthermore, given the proliferation of publication of posts in Italian, the foreign language version of your homepage will give you a very valuable competitive edge, since bi-lingual sites are still extremely uncommon.

h) Unlimited multiple messages
You can send multiple private messages to different people without any limitation.

i) Better placement on Google
With a Pro Plan and a well detailed profile on Vinix, your chances of a better placement on Google will improve in direct proportion with the amount of data included in your profile. Besides placing no limit to this information, Vinix Pro Plan will allow you to have it written in both Italian and English.

l) Advanced text editor in the blog area
An advanced editor to easily post your professional content on Vinix.

m) posts and classifieds sheduling tool
You can schedule multiple classifieds and blog posts publication in future time.

n) Advanced notifications
Receive special alerts, tags monitoring, vinix tag advertising campaigns monitoring, content and people monitoring.

If you are already registered with Vinix and wish to upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can do so simply by requesting it from your "Profile":

If you are not registered on Vinix yet, you can sign up from here:

For any further information, please contact us at:

Best regards.

Filippo Ronco - Vinix Founder
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