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Tavolo14 è on-line

of Taste14 - wom wines of memory
Tavolo14 is now operational. It 'important time for us. Our hope, after the considerable effort made is that it has built a showcase of eCommerce which make you a good service. Tavolo14 is for sale, but also a lot of information; TAVOLO14 is a showcase where quality, fair price, health and ethics are the guidelines. So our target, and we believe we have succeeded, to offer a selection of wines and typical products share a high quality and recognized. Our next goal is to lower the cost of quality by eliminating those in the distribution chain and those due to the impact excessive advertising, and the result is a fair price. Products taken straight from the manufacturer and stored and shipped with the utmost care. Follow the showcase of the products offered - not overly numerous, but highly significant and representative of the different reality of 'planet Italy' - is constantly evolving. Your reviews will be a starting point for continuous improvement. Follow us and ......... GROPED MAKE YOU THE QUALITY 'of our proposals.
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