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The wines of the seafaring republics of Venice and Genoa - Oenologists Enzo and Daniele Michelet

di Ristorante Bistrot De Venise
Thursday 20 December 2012
4.00 p.m. – Free admission - WINE IN VENICE

San Marco, 4685 Calle dei Fabbri Venezia

Three men who are fascinated by history, passionate about their work, devoted to knowledge and discovery, and immersed in nature have started a voyage of discovery, like many sailors from their hometowns who set out looking for fresh knowledge over the centuries.

Piero Lugano is an art teacher, vine grower and sailor from Genoa. Enzo and Daniele Michelet are Venetian oenologists and wine makers from the mainland. The three have been experimenting with original new wine-making approaches for years. They give an original take on roads that have already been travelled over the millennia. After all, it has been proven that wine has existed for 5000 years. Our knowledge of it today is the result of all of those years together with an inconceivable number of personal experiences which were passed on through an effective predecessor of the internet: word of mouth. Using the ancient Bianchetta Genovese grape and Vermentino, Piero, Enzo and Daniele have produced the brut sparkling wine Abissi, which is made with the Traditional Method and left to age at a depth of 60 metres on the seabed of the Portofino protected marine area. Venice is just as ambitious as Genoa. Studio Michelet has used the Ancestrale Method to produce Dorona, a brut sparkling wine made with Venetian grapes from ungrafted vines that have been growing for hundreds of years on Sant’Erasmo. The wine is sulphite-free and made with indigenous yeast from the island. The competition between the seafaring republics continues, but it is no longer taking place on the water…

Coordinator: Flavio Parolin.

With the support of the Italian Wine Sommeliers’ Association – Venice

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