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di Italian Finest Food
Italian Finest Food represents Italian excellence in food and wine.

The companies we represent are among the best in production of high value typical foods.
As you surely know quality and large industrial production cannot be together, as the care and the time that the production of fine food imply, can't be duplicate in large scale.

That's why we wanted to be among the first to show and export the real thing, real Italian finest food!
We are not reseller, we are not exporters, we just act as an “export office” for these companies, letting them to use time and effort to deliver the best products ever.
That's why dealing with us is dealing directly with the producers, with no extra costs added and with the advantage to deal with one specialized interface and the possibility to collect all your orders from different supplier for a single shipment.

Beside these obvious vantages, we are also trying to export not just products but even the culture behind them, helping you in the process of selling, as people who loves good food actually love the heritage and culture of food itself. Through our website people can learn about products, places, recipes and italian culture.
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