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Vinix Team

Vinix is probably one of the most ambitious projects in the wine & food online environment. We can't say if it is a success or not but what we'd like to transmit outside is the passion behind this work. Our aim is to become the reference for social networking in the wine & food world giving a great tool able to make wine & food professionals and wine & food lovers meet together, easily.

Filippo Ronco - Founder & CEO

Filippo Ronco is the founder and the project manager of Vinix. He designed the whole basic structure, appearance and all its subsequent integration, taking strategic decisions relating to development and determining the path in the evolution steps of the platform. He has directly participated in the creation of the architecture and work hard to enliven the Italian community with on and offline Vinix branded events too. From June 2011 he also actively works on the platform internationalization involving and coordinating leading figures around Europe. He loves developing, as if there was no tomorrow.

Deniele Cerioni - CTO

Daniele, who has already been in charge of major online projects , is the current supervisor of technical development operations on Vinix. Together with him we made the transition of the platform towards a more modern structure. Always with him we are completing the production of our mobile distribution. Capable of an incredible overall view, not to mention his skills and know how that go far beyond the coding, faces his foolish days with rationality in front to the keyboard.

Cristian Linoso

Partner and Founder of Ops! Studio webagency in Chiavari, he joined the development of the first prototype of the platform - original structure by Andrea Muzio and Maria Chiara Moresco of TorGraphics - Cristian is now head of Vinix technical area. He has made the core of the new platform released in October 2011 under the project directives of Filippo Ronco. He coordinates the coding staff. He is attentive, thoughtful, helpful and able to go well beyond the standard job you may ask to a coder

Enrico Usberti

Partner and Founder of Ops! Studio webagency, he is responsible for the graphics. He participated in a substantial way to the skeleton graph of the first release of the site and he has fully realized the aspect and main css layers of the latest version. It 'a very patient person at the contrary to what you can imagine watching him gesticulate while chatting on Skype with its customers (cam off) - like all the graphs is fairly touchy, but can recognize interesting points not directly coming from him. He's the official DeeJay during developing in Ops! Studio.

Stefano Tansini

Stefano takes care of the harware and the database. He sets up the recovery and disaster procedures and works every day to optimize the system performances and the database fine tuning.