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Recioto di Soave Suavissimus 2006

Nardello Daniele Azienda Agricola

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via 4 Novembre, 56, Monteforte d'Alpone (VR)
  • denominazione: Docg - Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita
  • tipologia: Bianco
  • vitigni: Garganega 100%
  • alcool: 13%º
Recioto di Soave Suavissimus
NOME VINO: Recioto di Soave Suavissimus 2006
PRODUTTORE: Nardello Daniele Azienda Agricola
ZONA: Veneto - Italia
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This Recioto di Soave has a wonderful name - Suavissimus, sounds like an old god from Greece.

It has a beautiful golden yellow color in crystal clear manners. Pouring it up in a glass you notice it's consistent, it flows slowly to the bottom of the glass.

Suavissimus is intense in the nose, quite complex and relative rich in odorous nuances. Nuances like tropical fruits (pineapple, peaches and apricot, some of them dry), a little bit oily and grassy, some fresh lime and lemon, white and yellow flowers coming in the end of the inhalation. I would have the olfactory quality between fine and excellent, with an elegant bouquet, of good intensity and more than medium variety of nuances.

While tasting it I could feel a medium-sweet, clear sweet sensation, Suavissimus has 40 g/l of sugar residue. The 13% of alcohol (vol) gives a medium warm to warm sensation, a neat and pleasant more than pseudo-warm sensation. There is lot of honey in this Recioto, combined with white and yellow flowers. The structure of this wine is vigorous, where the sugar further has strengthen the structure. It's quite persistent in the duration of the taste-olfactory sensations (5-6 seconds). A ready wine which just has becomed mature, all it's organoleptic characteristics has almost reached their peak.

Recommended serving temperature is 10-12 degrees!

It's an great assett with dry cookes, I tried them with Italian "Molinett", and they just worked very well together.

The verdict must be 'Very Good', can't be anything else! So balanced in the overall character. A good friend for thoughts!

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