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Esotica Le Surte 2006

Macchialupa Azienda Agricola

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via Fontana - San Pietro Irpino, Chianche (AV)
  • denominazione: Vdt - Vino da tavola
  • tipologia: Bianco
  • vitigni: Fiano di Avellino
  • alcool: 13%º
  • prezzo: 15-20 Euro €
NOME VINO: Esotica Le Surte 2006
PRODUTTORE: Macchialupa Azienda Agricola
ZONA: Campania - Italia
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Even if it's labeled Vino di Tavola (Table wine), Macchialupa has done a good attempt to a dessert wine, which, flavour-wise is a mixture between Pantelleria from Sicily and Vinsanto from Chianti.

It's a crystal clear to brilliant wine with amber colour, coming from the long ageing time in barriques. The consistency is oily, it slides heavily to the glass when you pour it up, almost like suryp. It has very slow tears and thick legs.

It's intense in the nose, with distinct odorous sensations like dried exotic fruits (apricot, peaches, mango, pineapple and figs), white flowers (hawthorn), grassy (grass) and spicy (vanilla). Quite complex wine.

I did two tastings with 15 minutes between, and the first time it felt only sweet when sipping it, the second time, with more oxygen consumed by the wine (and perhaps one or two degrees higher temperature), the total sweetnes had changed into a mixture between sweetness and sourness - "Sweet & Sour". The pleasant sourness comes probably from the long ageing in small barriques. Anyhow, the perception of sweetness is strong, I would think more then 100 g/l of sugar residue.

This lovely dessert wine would be great to a chocolate cake. It worked less good with dry cookies, I think the slight sourness needs a cake with more "humidity" and softness.

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