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Roero Arneis 2009

SaPeRi - Az. Agr. Malot, Fratelli Pezzuto

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via San Carlo 19, Fraz. Borgonuovo, Vezza d Alba (CN)
  • denominazione: Docg - Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita
  • tipologia: Bianco
  • vitigni: Arneis 100%
Roero Arneis
NOME VINO: Roero Arneis 2009
PRODUTTORE: SaPeRi - Az. Agr. Malot, Fratelli Pezzuto
ZONA: Piemonte - Italia
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This constellation of three winemakers together SaPeRi has made an Roero Arneis of last years harvest (2009). I have received an early sample of this coming vintage.

The cultivation has been done with Guyot, 8-9 gems, on light and relative fertile soil, on a land not to sun exposed. The Arneis is quite sensitive against maturing to fast, then to much acidity will be left in the grapes.

For the eyes it's a limpidity more than limpid, close to crystal clear. It has a color which is yellow with amber shades, which you normally find in straw wines (passito wines). Regarding the consistency I found a quite consistent wine, which flows into the glass with moderate consistency and has fairly quick tears. The legs were of relative wide.

For the nose I found a scarcely intense intensity, a delicate scent which slightly can be perceived. The wine bouquet had nuances of flowers (white flowers like Acacia), fragrant (newly baked bread), frank (wet wood), fruit (peaches), grassy (grass) and some caramel. The olfactory complexity is quite complex.

Drinking it I felt a dryness going towards medium-dry. The pseudo-warm sensations was lightly to medium warm, it gave a modest to pleasant warmth. I felt a neat sensation of softness and a pleasant velvety sensation. A scarcely fresh wine where I perceived a relative light sensation of freshness. I found some white flowers and fresh lime. Quite tasty to tasty this Roero Arneis, gives a pleasant mineral sensation and is relative well balanced. The structure is weak to full, a modest structure.

Tasting temperature 12 degrees C.

At the moment it's fairly good to me, give it some more months in the steel tanks and it will be good! This wine is still in evolution.

Leif Karlsson
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