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Chianti Classico 2007

Fattoria di Corsignano

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Localit Corsignano, Vagliagli (SI)
  • denominazione: Docg - Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita
  • tipologia: Rosso
  • vitigni: 95% of Sangiovese and 5% of Canaiolo Toscano
  • alcool: 14%º
Chianti Classico
NOME VINO: Chianti Classico 2007
PRODUTTORE: Fattoria di Corsignano
ZONA: Toscana - Italia
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Fattoria di Corsignano in Vagliagli, Castelnuovo Berardenga, has made 10 000 bottles of this Chianti Classico 2007 (total production of 40 000). You could find their vineyard at 450 meters above sea level. All the grapes are picked by hand. The sun exposure is from south to west. The soil is sub-alkaline, rich in marl and clay. The ageing of the wine is made with french oak barrels of 10 hl for a year. They have about 5000 plants per ha.

The people at Corsignano has choosen some wonderful hand made drawings on their labels, very fun and different!

Their Chianti Classico has an intense ruby red limpid wine for the eye. The number and wideness of the legs inside the glass tells you this is wine with a good amount of alcohol and structure.

In the nose you have loads of raspberry, in a very intense way. Maybe the 14% of alcohol helps the intensity. After the raspberry arrives the violet flowers or tablets/pastilles you could buy in candy stores. Raw ham could be found, mixed up with the graphite. It has a fine and elegant presence in the nose.

This Chianti Classico fills up the mouth very well, very complex rich structure and persistent, with a very long and smooth pleasant finish, despite the tannins. It brings a lot of almond paste to the palette, together with dark chocolate, balsamic winegar, filled up with violet flowers (even red roses), not to mention the invasion of red fruits like strawberry and raspberry.

Overall it's a very good represent of a Chianti Classico.

Leif Karlsson
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