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Aglianico Terre del Volturno Igt 2005


of Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via Selvanova, Squille di Castel Campagnano (CE)
  • denomination: Igt - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
  • type: Rosso
  • grapes: Aglianico
  • alcool: 14%º
  • price: 30 euro €
Aglianico Terre del Volturno Igt
WINE NAME: Aglianico Terre del Volturno Igt 2005
PRODUCER: Selvanova
ZONE: Campania - Italia
RATING: @ @ @ @ @
From the lands of Volturno comes this Aglianico, full of flavours and mistery, made by the hard working people at Selvanova. The fully name of the denomination would be 'Terre del Aglianico IGT'. It takes some time for this Aglianico to come to birth. It will mature two years in medium roastad oak casks, and thereafter having another two years in the bottles before start selling, unfiltered, and full of flavours.

For the eyes it's a limpid wine, granate red and consistent.

In the nose it's intense. I would say it's a complex wine, with a medium to rich range of odorous nuances, which comes from different groups of scents. The bouquet is distinct, with good intensity and frankness. It has personality. There are red flowers, red fruits like strawberry, balsamic winegar, minerals like lead from a pencil. You could feel the presence of the toasted oak, but not anything disturbing.

Selvanovas aglianico gives you a punch of dryness, tannins, some heat from the alcohol, combined with a good dose of dark fruits from the forest, balsamic winegar and a slight touch of mint at the end. Throughout it gave a pleasant velvety sensation, tasty and quite fresh. It's a full wine, close to be vigorous. It's balanced, intense and a wonderful long persistence.

My judgement would be this Aglianico has good taste-olfactory qualities, good balance, strong initial impressons and an elegant final taste. This vintage 2005 is ready, close to be mature. It's good now, but I think it can improve some the following years, and reach it's peak with 2-3 years.

This Aglianico I recommend you to combine with a beef from the grill, with lot's of spices. Some pasta with mushrooms and wild boar meet is a good choice. Cheeses like Parmesan or aged Pecorino would be great with a wine like this.

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