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Magico 2011

Casa Vinicola Ferracane

di Deika Elmi-Abdulle
  • Contrada Bosco 280/A, Marsala (TP)
  • denominazione: Igt - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
  • tipologia: Rosso
  • vitigni: Merlot
  • prezzo: 6,00 €
NOME VINO: Magico 2011
PRODUTTORE: Casa Vinicola Ferracane
ZONA: Sicilia - Italia
VALUTAZIONE: @ @ @ @ @
Color: Dark inky plum eggplant like tint that is almost blue black.

Nose: You are hit by a woodsy, pine needles & herb compounds, followed quickly by a nice vanilla heady undercurrent all carried by bottom notes made up of a juicy, jammy confiture essence of cherries and berries.

Palate: At first lots of fruit baked cherry and plum tart and jam. The wine is dry, with a faint bitter edge that is herby and woodsy, at the end gunpowder or pencil shavings. The finish is long, powdery and elegant.
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