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Il Frappato 2007

Azienda Arianna Occhipinti

di Deika Elmi-Abdulle
  • Via dei Mille 55, Vittoria (RG)
  • denominazione: Igt - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
  • tipologia: Rosso
  • vitigni: Frappato
  • alcool: 12.5º
  • prezzo: 21 Euros €
Il Frappato
NOME VINO: Il Frappato 2007
PRODUTTORE: Azienda Arianna Occhipinti
ZONA: Sicilia - Italia
VALUTAZIONE: @ @ @ @ @
Color - ruby red clear not very saturated, a delicate dark burgundy tint.
Nose - sulphur, earth, brambly & red berries
Palate - Mineralic, earthy, silky tannins, very finely focused. There's some green to it to, a green herb - can't put my finger on it, very faintly redolent of mint/rosemary and perhaps marjoram, afterwards In the end berries, dried berries even, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries... lush yet very structured. Also there's a freshness and yet the vines are 50 years old. A strong acidic structure makes it very drinkable, deceptively easy to drink. it goes on and on... the finish is so long. It just stays with you a long time. A fresh, supple and elegant wine.

Traditionally Frappato is considered a simple even humble grape, and simple wines are made with it. How did she do it ?
How was she able to finesse such delicacy, persistance and elegance from this grape? I spent some time taking in the aroma from the empty glass afterwards - strawberry shortcake. I could smell and almost taste strawberry shortcake!
If I had to compare it to another wine I'd compare it to Pinot noir, or Nebbiolo... an aged Nebbiolo. But no, this is in a class of its own. Very balanced, fine focus, precision and elegance.
I can't drink anything for now, but I tasted it and can't stop talking about it. It will be my go to wine for dinner parties in Austin for sure. Tonight as I'm not drinking, I enviousely left the bottle to my husband and his cousin who is visiting us. I'd pair it with lamb, a lamb tagine, delicate cheeses, hams (cured prosciutto's) pistachios, almonds, parmigiano, cold shrimp, ceviche, sushi, pork and chicken entrees and stews even. This fine wine has the complexity and balance to work with many different types of dishes.

This is my first natural wine and I must say if this is what natural wines taste like... bring them on!
A new fan and a believer :)
I will have a chance to taste Arianna's new vintages and have a proper glass at Vinitaly, more good things to look forward to... yay!


Photo credit :
- I didn't dare hangout further in the livingroom or dining room table as I have work to do and the lighting is poor at night chez nous so thankyou the folks @ enoicheillusioni.
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#3 Commenti

  • Alessandro Zingoni

    Alessandro Zingoni

    Nice review Dea. Interesting wine. I saw Arianna Occhipinti a Vini di Vignaioli last october. I really like her wines! But I don't remenber about tasting of this one :( . Next time sure! :)

    Forgive me, my English is like macaroni/maccheroni pasta. Thank You.


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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    I really like it too.
    One of my favourite "easy drinking" wines ever.

    Cheers, Fil.

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  • Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Hi guys thanks for your comments, always lovely to get comments on posts.
    I love Arianna's wine, so pure! :) See you in Verona and ciao buona Domenica :)

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