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Gibril Nerello Mascalese Sicilia Igt 2009


di Deika Elmi-Abdulle
  • Contrada Cerasa s/n, Monreale (PA)
  • denominazione: Igt - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
  • tipologia: Rosso
  • vitigni: Nerello Mascalese
  • alcool: 13%º
  • prezzo: 19 euros €
Gibril Nerello Mascalese Sicilia Igt
NOME VINO: Gibril Nerello Mascalese Sicilia Igt 2009
ZONA: Sicilia - Italia
VALUTAZIONE: @ @ @ @ @
Light red - w/ a slight brick tonality in color, as it opens up a bit you get hit by red fruit, berries, raspberries, cherries and some greengage plums. Then brambly, greener secondary elements. There's also mysterious woodsy mushroomy, umami or bovril/truffle scent
I am not familiar with Nerello Mascalese but I am happy that my first taste of this wine was with Guccione's Gibril - This was a very pure and finely focused wine with that near tongue splitting acidity that I so love.

It's also quite mineral, with this earthy and green taste (fresh rain on dirt and leaves).
It leaves your mouth clean and refreshed. and at the end there's this faint bitter edge that I adore. Wow -what a delicious wine! It calls to mind fine burgundies but different, it would go well among other things with complex long simmered stews.
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