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Cesanese di Affile Bolla D'Urbano 2010


di Il Tastevin
  • denominazione: Docg - Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita
  • tipologia: Rosso
  • vitigni: 100% Cesanese di Affile
  • alcool: 14,5º
Cesanese di Affile Bolla D'Urbano
NOME VINO: Cesanese di Affile Bolla D'Urbano 2010
ZONA: Lazio - Italia
VALUTAZIONE: @ @ @ @ @
Produced from more than 50 years old vines, Bolla d'Urbano ages 24 months in oak barrels. Deep ruby red to the eye, fruity to the nose and warm to the mouth. This Cesanese riserva accompanies red meat, game and seasoned cheese.

I use to taste it every time I enjoy an "important" meat. This wine goes wonderfully in every occasion and it works best if you want to really impress somebody.
Pleasantly bitterish and balanced tannins but persistent to the nose.

I definitely recommend to try it!

P.S. I suggest you to open the bottle at least 40 to 60 minutes before enjoying it.
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