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Rosè 2016


di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via A. Carpenè 1, Conegliano (TV)
  • denominazione: Vdt - Vino da tavola
  • tipologia: Rosato
  • vitigni: Mainly red grape varieties and Raboso, a local grape variety from the Treviso area.
  • alcool: 12º
  • prezzo: 15 €
NOME VINO: Rosè 2016
PRODUTTORE: Carpenè-Malvolti
ZONA: Veneto - Italia
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When I went this year in September to participate in the cycling event Prosecco Cycling I ended up with a bottle of Rosè Spumante Brut from the well known winery Carpenè-Malvolti in Conegliano, one of the two main towns for the Prosecco making, together with Valdobbiadene.

This Rosè Brut made with the Charmat method is great wine for pasta with seafood, some tuna from the pan, or some white meat like chicken or turkey. Feel free to try it even as a stand-alone beverage before the dinner, it opens up your palette for a good 3-course meal!

Having a sip of this Rosè Brut gives you some impressions on your palette of red cherry, strawberry and raspberry, combined with a hint of fresh citrus growing stronger at the end. The nose is filled with red flowers and red fruit. Before I moved to Italy I didn't know so much about the Raboso grape, but now it comes more and more to my liking, it's fresh acidity works very well here!

The serving temperature has to be at the low 6-8 degrees, than it's really crisp and sharp, with a perlage very fine and elegant.

In 2020 it surely will be a new trip to the area of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, to ride some more rolling hills and find out new interesting spumante! Maybe see you there?
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