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Rosato 2018

Agricola San Felice

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Loc. San Felice, Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) (FI)
  • denominazione: Igt - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
  • tipologia: Rosato
  • vitigni: 100 % Sangiovese
  • alcool: 12.5º
  • prezzo: 8 €
NOME VINO: Rosato 2018
PRODUTTORE: Agricola San Felice
ZONA: Toscana - Italia
VALUTAZIONE: @ @ @ @ @
There are many hills in Chianti, and one of them holds maybe one of the most beautiful hamlets there is in Chianti: Borgo San Felice! This hamlet has more than a 1000 years of history, and it has a magnificient position on one of the hills north-east of Siena, where you can admire the sunset every evening (which I did, with a glass of a certain rosè in my hand). The San Felice estate has their main winery at this hamlet making their Chianti Classico, and also another winery at the Tuscan seaside called Tenuta di Perolla (Massa Marittima, Grosseto). The winery Perolla has a dry sunny micro climate ideal for wine making, and their soil is very rich of minerals, where this tasteful rosè comes from.

The Rosato from San Felice is a beautiful pureness of Sangiovese. The colours goes from pink to orange. The nose is rich of white flowers, mint, citrus, and wild strawberry. On the palete it's medium dry with acidity present, together with flavours of wild strawberry, mint, lemon, apricot and white peach.

En excellent companion to starters with fish like thin slices of cured salmon, some young cheese or mortadella, a steaming pasta with mushrooms and garlic, a big beautiful swordfish or seabass from the grill. Maybe even a fish soup! It is also good candidate for the aperitivo as well. Serve it with 10-12 degrees. It's easy to want to have another glass of this wine I must say.
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