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Rosato di Toscana 2018

Fattoria Il Terreno

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via Citille 4, Greve in Chianti (FI)
  • denominazione: Igt - Indicazione Geografica Tipica
  • tipologia: Rosato
  • vitigni: Sangiovese & Merlot
  • alcool: 12.5º
  • prezzo: 30 (Magnum) €
Rosato di Toscana
NOME VINO: Rosato di Toscana 2018
PRODUTTORE: Fattoria Il Terreno
ZONA: Toscana - Italia
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The winery Il Terreno in Tuscany is owned by my dear Swedish countrymen and women. The estate was bought in 1988 by the Ruhne family from Sig. Biffoli, and now the third generation of the family Ruhne is entering on the Terreno scene here in the Chianti wine district.

Terreno has their fields on 3-400 m above sea level in the Greve valley, having a relative "rocky" soil with sand-rich clay. A lot of their fields turns towards south and southwest, using the terrace cultivation method on a majority of the fields. The total area of vine fields are about 23 ha, with 11 different vines on their repertoire, including Colorino, Canaiolo Nero, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Trebbiano, besides the very frequent Sangiovese and quite common Merlot. The yearly production is about 100 000 bottles.

For the wine in question, Rosato di Toscana, the duration of the skin contact during the maceration process is for about 4 hours, then the fermentation and ageing takes place in steel tanks.

Their rosè wine is relative new in their making, and has become quite popular. When I was there this October to buy a bottle, they only had their magnum bottles left! But no one in our family was sad for that :-)

This rosè has a distinct freshness through it's acidity, it brings a lot of citrus and fresh tropical fruits, minerals and with a slight minty white peppery finish.

One of our good food & wine pairings was with a chicken and vegetable soup, spiced up with a beautiful broth. Our next recommandation would be the classical dish "Baccalà", a dish with many recipes but it's usually with salted cod, potatoes and tomato sauce in a pan, spiced with garlic, basil and olive oil.

Terrenos Rosè is organic!
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