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Barbaresco 2013

Hamrin CN4872

of Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • denomination: Docg - Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita
  • type: Rosso
  • grapes: Nebbiolo
  • alcool: 14.5º
  • price: 25 €
WINE NAME: Barbaresco 2013
PRODUCER: Hamrin CN4872
ZONE: Piemonte - Italia
RATING: @ @ @ @ @
Coming to Piedmont is always a pleasure, their selection of red wines are excellent! The Nebbiolo grape has become a good friend over the years for me. To travel around in Alta Langa and visit towns like Barbaresco and Barolo makes me feel at home.

Hamrins Barbaresco has a beautiful dry entrance with tannins very present, a fresh acidity and good warm flavours of black currant, liquorice, black berry, mature figs and black pepper. A wine to be drinken with food.

Enjoy this Barbaresco with a steaming meat stew, preferrably meat of game like deer, elk or wild boar. An alternative dish is one of my favourites, the classic Tuscan sausage of pork meat with some fennel: salsiccia! The typical Bagna Cauda Piemontese with some meat would maybe be my choice if I were in the area.

If you buy more than one of these you could take one very year and see how it develops, I don't this vintage has peaked yet.
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