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Barbera d'Alba Serra 2007

Paitin Az. Agr.

di Leif Karlsson, VinoVelo
  • Via Serra Boella, Neive (CN)
  • denominazione: Doc - Denominazione di origine controllata
  • tipologia: Rosso
  • vitigni: Barbera
  • alcool: 14º
  • prezzo: 17 €
Barbera d'Alba Serra
NOME VINO: Barbera d'Alba Serra 2007
PRODUTTORE: Paitin Az. Agr.
ZONA: Piemonte - Italia
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The Paitin winery is another one of these long term running wineries, that has been building it's know-how for generations and generations. The wine making history for Paitin starts with a certain Benedtto Elia buys this estate in 1796. The underground cellars are dated back to the 1400's. The Paitin estate you will find outside the town of Neive, in the Cuneo Province, Piedmont region.

This Barbera d'Alba has a beautiful ruby red colour. The fresh acidity is abundant, the tannins are relative discrete. A complex and elegant wine, generous with flavours like dark fruit, caramel and cherry. The vines for this wine grows on a soil of clay and marly sandstone at an altitude of around 300 m above sea level, on the slopes of Serraboella. For ageing of this Barbera d'Alba Paitin uses Slavonian oak barrels for one year, with the size of between 10 to 25 hl.

I would recommend it to game, chicken and turkey, rabbit and roasted lamb. Mortadella, prosciutto and salami. Short to medium aged hard cheese.
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