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Il Mosnel

Il Mosnel

Categoria: Wineries / Olive oil producers
Il Mosnel

Wines / Olive oils

FRANCIACORTA DOCG: Brut, Brut Rosé, Pas Dosé, Satèn millesimato, Extra Brut "EBB" millesimato, Pas Dosé Rosé "Parosé" millesimato, Pas Dosé Riserva "QdE" CURTEFRANCA DOC: Bianco "Campolarga" e Rosso "Fontecolo" IGT SEBINO: Passito "Sulif"

Grapes and vineyards

Holder: Lucia e Giulio Barzanò
average production: 250.000 bottiglie
Ground extension : 40 ettari
Average grape yields pro hectare: 80
Time of grape harvest : agosto/settembre
Do you employ an oenologist?: Si
Oenologist name: Flavio Polenghi

Timetables and visits

Timetable: 8.30-12.30 e 14 -18
Closing day: Domenica
visits: Solo su prenotazione
Franciacorta is a magnificent region of gentle morainic hills south of Lago d'Iseo, in the province of Brescia. The name "Franzacurta" appears for the first time in 13th-century documents and probably referred to exemption from commercial taxes (franchae curtes), a privilege enjoyed by the local villages under the protection of their clergy. Franciacorta was among the first areas, in 1967, to move towards DOC denomination, and from1995 on it is the first DOCG for sparkling wine.
Mosnel, a dialect word of Celtic origin, means a rock pile. It is the name as well of the venerable residence, its adjacent properties, and 16th-century wine cellars, that witness to the centuries-old winemaking traditions inherited by the Barboglio family in 1836. From 1968, under the expert guidance of Emanuela Barboglio (deceased in 2007), the estate has dedicated itself to viticulture and winemaking. Deep respect for the environment, vineyards planted to high densities, and low yields per vine are the guiding principles of the cultivation of the 40 hectares of estate vineyards, all directed towards the goal of producing exceptional raw materials: the grapes.

Wines and people

The grapes are picked into shallow boxes and sent immediately to the cellar, to be carefully graded then lightly pressed. The must is then cool-fermented in small oak casks or in stainless steel. After careful tastings in the spring, the different wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir, are blended in varying proportions make up the various types of Franciacorta and will then re-ferment in the bottle. The wines produced go to the Italian and foreign markets to be served by the best restaurants, enotecas, hotels, and wine bars.

"We enjoy the proud privilege of devoting ourselves, with intense devotion, to the art of wine, one of the most satisfying professions one could conceive. Acutely aware of this, we work with our hands, our hearts and souls, with our experience and the slow passage of time: all of these essential ingredients of our wines, wines that summon up the impressions and the emotions of this land of ours so exceptional and so intriguing"

Such is the philosophy that animates Giulio and Lucia Barzanò, Emanuela Barboglio's children, in their management of the winery, ably assisted by a highly professional, trained staff.

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