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Filippo Ronco

Filippo Ronco

Categoria: Journalists / bloggers
Filippo Ronco

tipologia: Freelance

testate con cui collabora: Vinix Founder, Manutengolo VinoClic, TerroirVino e TigullioVino
I was born in Chiavari (Genoa, Italy) on the 22 February 1975 from Flavia and Bruno, both architects graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan, who later decided to move to Liguria in order to offer a better existence to their son. Thanks, I couldn't have managed without the sea. After secondary school I enrolled in the Liceo Scientifico Marconi, where I realized that maths wasn't going to be my future. For three years I travelled abroad with the excuse of learning English. I met people, came across cultures and ways of thinking and living different from mine. Travelling fascinated me; I visited most of Italy with a tent and an Enduro 125cc. bike. Elena was already travelling on the back seat, she understood it wasn't just an impromptu love, the one for my motorbike. She accepted. We fell in love. Coherently with my lack of enthusiasm for maths and lack of ideas for the future, instead of following my love for music, at the end of my studies I enrolled at the Faculty of Law in Genova, deciding that guitar playing was to remain a simple hobby. Shame. I started a long and tortuous journey that only ended when I took my longed-for degree.
I gave legal practice a go for nearly two years, thanks to the patience demonstrated by Rino Lombardo. I became Defence Attorney, but environment, daily routine and lack of great perspectives made me stop. I gave everything up and threw myself body and soul in the management of, trying to convey "clean" information on wine and its "whereabouts". In June 2005 I organized my first event: Meeting. Luckily it was a success. In June 2005 I married Elena: an angel. The only one capable of putting up with me, I, on the other hand, unique in putting up with her. In June 2006 I gave Meeting another go and it was again a great success. I am currently carrying on in this editorial adventure with great enthusiasm. I am trying to involve an increasing number of selected wine lovers in the editorial board and blogs. There is still a lot of work to be done!

My work online:

TigullioVino - Wine & Food online magazine
Web : E-mail :

Back Office - My personal blog on TigullioVino
Web : E-mail :

Terroir Vino - Where wine, people and the web meet
Web : E-mail :

TigullioVino Club - Discounts and opportunities for wine professionals and lovers
Web : E-mail :

Vinix - Wine, Beer and Food Social Network
Web : E-mail :

VinoClic - Wine & Food Advertising Network
Web : E-mail :

curriculum vitae

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Genoa, Italy in 2003, now I am an enthusiast (wine) web enterpreneur. I have been involved with TigullioVino since 2000, turning full time since the
beginning of 2005. I also look after other online projects as VinoClic, an online advertising company targeted on food & beverage area.

I have personally organized all the editions of TerroirVino, a national wine exhibition where, once a year, we present to press, traders and wine lovers all the best Italian and foreign wine makers tasted by the TigullioVino tasting panel.

I have been even involved, as speaker, in several conferences about online advertising, social media and e-commerce.

During 2009 I did organize the first Vinix Unplugged Open Unconference, the first italian wine and internet related barcamp.

At the end of 2009, I've published my first book:

I'm the founder & Ceo of Vinix, my aim is to build up the best wine & food social commerce ever. I spend my days developing the platform, selecting extraordinary wine producers and making people happy.

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