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Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

Category: Wineries / Olive oil producers
Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

Wines / Olive oils

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Grapes and vineyards

Holder: Brigitte Petermann & Paolo Carlo Ghislandi
average production: 30.000 bottiglie
Ground extension : 10 Ha
Average grape yields pro hectare: 40-70
Time of grape harvest : Settembre - Ottobre - Novembre
Do you employ an oenologist?: Saltuaria
Oenologist name: Mario Maffi - Beppe Zatti

Timetables and visits

Timetable: 09:00 - 19:00
Closing day: Mai
visits: Solo su prenotazione
At the dawn of the new millennium, when I acquired
Cascina Carpini with all its vines, the first
thing I thought was making wine first to soothe the
soul and then the body. I dreamt of wine filled with
scents and flavours but also capable of reviving the
deep essence of life.
Finally, after years of passionate and loving toil, here
I am to share with you the great achievement of offering
you exactly the wine I always dreamt about.
I am talking about the new "Vini d'Arte", a collection
composed of intense wines, fruit of entirely natural
wine making processes and methods combining
tradition and techniques with special attention to soil
and vines.
So, please take your time to enjoy the deep silence
and let your soul delight in this experience. In my
wine, you'll find unique key ingredients that make it
a real work of art.

Paolo Carlo Ghislandi

Each and every "Vini d'Arte" collection
bottle reveals my personal simple and accurate
conception of wine.
To me, as a matter of fact, wine making is all about
creating a genuine, clean coloured and pure product
with an intense, striking and lasting taste capable
of rekindling faded feelings and rousing deep emotions.
I take pleasure in making lively wine, refined in
bottles, gaining strength and elegance with time as
nature takes its course.
I strive for excellence producing a limited number
of gracefully dressed bottles of wine with unique
labels exalting the spirit of the entire product.

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