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  • Half-Liter: The Bottle.

    Half-Liter: The Bottle.

    inserito da FortidelVento - Tomaso Armento

    Slowly but surely, there is an awakening of interest in this size. Our ½ liter is of course a bottle scrupulously packaged and corked, just like the traditional 0.75 liter one. I am not really sure of the reason for this size gaining favor (rather than the 1liter), although the 0.75 l. size remains the most common in the distribution chain. Our experience in this matter is still limited, but we can understand the undeniable advantages for some areas of the marketplace. Let's analyze them together: - From the consumer perspective: people are drinking less, the family size is shrinking and we often hear that the ½ liter size is ideal for two people (no left-overs and more adequate than the 0.375 l. size from a price standpoint). Where more people are sitting...

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