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  • Review of my wines

    Review of my wines

    inserito da Sanlorenzo

    In this post some review of my wines that will be publish during this year: Smag & Behag rivista danese San Lorenzo Bramante 2003"Tor og roget, ret robust og konserkvent, med solid frugt og markant, afsluttende garvesyre. Den udfolder en anelse druesodme i glasset, men den kvaeles hurtigt at tor frugt og kontant tannin. En gedigen kodvin".  Ps vinem havde en feji, der skonnes at vaere en isoleret flaskefejl. The Wine Enthusiast 92 San Lorenzo 2004 Brunello di Montalcino. Compared to the less remarkable vintages of the past. San Lorenzo's 2004 Brunello represents a complete about face. This is a gorgeous wine with bold aromas of blackverries, spice, smoke and moist tabacco. The finish is enduring and fresch and it gives the wine an attractively firm and elongated...

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