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  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

    For those who might still be unfamiliar with the celebration of Thanksgiving in the US: - traditionally it is believed to  originate from the three-day feast held by the Pilgrim settlers and by indigenous Wampanoag Indians, at Plymouth Plantation in 1621, to celebrate the first harvest, after a very difficult year on the American continent. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday, to be observed on every fourth Thursday in November. Ever since my children have outgrown Christmas, Thanksgiving has been my favorite Holiday. Unlike Christmas, it is a civil, someone might even call it - civic - Holiday. Although clearly intended to give god our thanks for the bounty of a successful harvest, for having kept our job, for having somehow survived...

  • The New Man With a Mustache  (*)

    The New Man With a Mustache (*)

    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

     Surely most of you know that Oscar Farinetti is a very clever businessman. To understand how clever, all you need is gather some information about the several successful stores he opened in Italy and Japan in just a few years. But perhaps not all of you know that the person I like to call "The New Man with a Mustache" (*), is also an untiring worker and an old-school gentleman with a very modern open mind. I have had the undeniable pleasure of witnessing, and even experiencing personally, some of the facets of his virtues, during my brief, frantic and exciting visit to the new Eataly store, on the day of its grand opening on Tuesday, August 31st , on Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street, In Manhattan. I must admit to being biased in favor of something like Eataly coming to...

  • Il Nuovo Uomo Coi Baffi (NUCoBa)

    Il Nuovo Uomo Coi Baffi (NUCoBa)

    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

     Sicuramente tutti voi sapete già che Oscar Farinetti è un affarista con i baffi. Per capire quello è sufficiente informarsi un poco sul successo degli empori Eataly da lui aperti nel giro di pochi anni in Italia e Giappone. Ma forse non tutti voi sapete che il "Nuovo Uomo Coi Baffi" è anche un lavoratore indefesso ed un gentiluomo di stampo antico, di apertura mentale molto progredita. Ho avuto l'indiscutibile piacere di constatare, e persino di essere toccato personalmente, da alcune manifestazioni di queste sue doti durante la mia breve, frenetica ed entusiasmante visita al nuovo Eataly che ha aperte le porte a New York City ieri, martedì 31 agosto. Debbo ammettere di essere decisamente parziale a favore di qualcosa come...

  • Terroir Vino 2010

    Terroir Vino 2010

    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

    So, is it too late to write about Terroir Vino 2010? If so, please forgive me or just stop reading. Try to understand, if you wish: it has been a week since my return to the US, and only now (and unwillingly) I am beginning to unpack and sort out the huge mass of emotional baggage that I have carried with me across the Atlantic. The three days spent in Genoa for Terroir Vino, although seminal and very pleasant, were but a fraction of a fraction of my  4 weeks stay in Europe. I have lived in the US since 1970 and this has been the first time in 40 years that I have had the time to savor Italy and the Italians as one should: slowly and with gusto. More than an enjoyable touristic voyage, for me this was a pilgrimage, vaguely planned to retrace the steps of my ancestry and my...

  • Why


    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

    It was strongly suggested, and rightly so, that this piece should also be posted in the language being discussed. So, with apologies for being late, here we go. Hello good folks of the Vinix Village. You are known by many names, labels and classifications: farmers, wine growers, fans of good food (“slow” and otherwise), hoteliers, gourmets, trentini, paciolosi, krauts, polentoni, trevisani, maremmanio, valtellinesi, torinesi (gianduiotti?), milanesi (meneghini & exiled like me), magnagati e magna Gate, tigulliensi, emiliani… Quite an eclectic assembly of people, isn’t it? It could be hard to fathom that all of you come from the same Country, a Country called Italy that (also difficult to believe) is almost a full century younger than the U.S.A. After...