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  • Surprise, surprise!

    Surprise, surprise!

    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

    In the boonies where I live, (the Taconic Hills near the MA border), wine choices are limited; with few exceptions, the local liquor stores offer too many low-to-medium priced bottles of slop, coming from every corner of the world, plus a smattering of overpriced bottles of the supposedly “better” stuff. Possibly because the USA is supposed to be a classless, democratic Country, you can easily find a 20 year old Château Lafite standing (yes, standing!) only inches away from a gallon jug of California “Chianti”, on the same shelf, at room temperature (varying from 50°F in Summer, to 80°F inWinter) or in the same refrigerator were prosecco, asti spumante and lambrusco (lower case intentional) are kept at 32.3°F or thereabout. Fortunately there are...