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  • Harvest forecasts? Do it ourselves!

    Harvest forecasts? Do it ourselves!

    posted by Filippo Ronco

    For too many years wehad to read - one equal to another - the enthusiastic press notes from this or that institution or consortium about the harvest. Reading these press releases, every year seems to be the vintage of the century or so. If there's been too hot not matter because it had rained a lot earlier and, otherwise, if it rained too much, it's ok because it was too hot before, with a draw scientifically constant, almost providentially placed there to silence the voices of actual emergency when the summer is too droughty or when you've not see the sun at all. So, what about gathering true comments directly from wine producers? Tell how was the climate in your country this year, if there were or not water stress, what do you expect to pick up in these or in the next...

  • Vinix is (also) like a gym

    Vinix is (also) like a gym

    posted by Filippo Ronco

    Every day Vinix welcomes new people on the network. Firms, professionals, wine and food lovers, curious. Many of them are quite skilled, many others have a completely wrong approach to the platform and to the internet. Often they are in good faith but have a lack of tools and knowledge not only of the specific rules of this network but also of the basics of the web and of an urbane coexistence in a shared social space. Nonetheless, after years, I see many of them grown under the communicative aspect, who is not offended - the most part of the people - learns and follows a path of growth always driven by the whole community that helps and spurs to more ambitius goals, commenting, sharing, giving good or negative push to better understand how to stay here always - at least we try - in a...