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  • Recipe: how to make quality corks

    Recipe: how to make quality corks

    inserito da Mike Tommasi

     Corks are not made the way they should be. Shortcuts result in bad quality and cork taint. The industry should go back to the original recipe, given here in its simplified version: - Plant a cork oak tree. - Wait 30 years. - Remove the bark and discard it. This is the first-growth bark. - Wait 15 years. - Remove the bark and put it aside to dry. This is the first harvest of second-growth bark. - Wait 2 years. - When the bark is dry, cut it into parallel strips about as wide as the length of the desired cork - Ever since bottles were standardized, the diameter of corks is now 24mm. The usual lengths are 38mm, 45mm, 49mm, sometimes 54mm or more - "tube" the corks out of the strip of bark by cutting them with a sharp cylindrical cutter. -...