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  • Nicolas Boulard: art, food and wine.

    Nicolas Boulard: art, food and wine.

    inserito da Mike Tommasi

    Today at Vinix we speak to Nicolas Boulard, an artist who uses food and wine in his art. He is the son of Francis Boulard, whom you all know as a great artisan Champagne maker. Recent works include DRC 1946, a production of several magnums of fake Romanée Conti made with coloured water, from a vintage that was never produced; and Specific Cheeses, a series of cheeses shaped to evoke minimalist art like the pyramid shapes of Sol Lewitt. It is unbelievable, but Specific Cheeses got him into trouble with INAO, the agency in charge of protecting food appellations of origin. You can see his works on his site What got you started using wine and cheese in your art? It was during my studies at École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in...