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  • "Plonk", Symptoms and Cures

    inserito da Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

    There might be exceptions confirming the rule, but I believe that, at least once in our life, we all have fallen under the unfortunate spell of "plonk". Do you know what I mean? It is that alcoholic beverage (not necessarily extracted from grapes) miraculously concocted by using or, worse yet, abusing modern enological science. This beverage can be confused with wine, and might even be improperly called by that name; it comes to us concealed in bottles of any shape and size, in bags-in-the-box, flasks, demijohns or even sold in bulk, then served as “house wine” in one of those cute, quarter or half liter decanters. Taking advantage of loopholes found in the laws governing labeling and packaging, "plonk" has learned to camouflage itself better and...