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  • The End of the World... a new beginning

    The End of the World... a new beginning

    inserito da Paolo Carlo Ghislandi - i Carpini

    "La fine del Mondo" (The End of the World) is a wine for which appropriate words are hard to find; it transcends beyond the grapes, beyond the man, beyond the wine itself, exceeding my own expectations as a wine maker; over and over again, it moves me and amazes me in the deepest recesses of my soul. It is such a joy to pour it for my friends, and share all my emotions with them, that I shall relinquish the pleasure of describing it, or talking about it, to anyone willing to do it... because of my emotional involvement, I only want to tell you how this wine came to be and what it represents for me. It was the 2007 harvest, a very significant year on the Tortona Hills, a year when even the oldest vines produced incredibly vigorous clusters of grapes; it was then, while...