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  • Prosecco sur lie

    Prosecco sur lie

    inserito da Bele Casel @ Luca Ferraro

    I had been thinking for years about this typology of Prosecco and repeatedly kept pushing the idea on the back burner. This year I felt that the timing was right and decided to give it a try! We will make a sparkling Prosecco "sur lie" with 0 dosage I have a great deal of respect for sur lie wines and I adore them. I still clearly remember the time when I was a child and my father, who did not have any autoclave or bottling equipment, stashed away a few thousand bottles in a warm room to allow them to ferment. After the purchase of all the necessary equipment and also because of increasing demand for wine without "dregs", the "sur lie" method was abandoned. I believe that the time is nigh to rediscover our old traditions and to allow wine lovers to learn how the Prosecco we all...

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