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  • Prosecco on lees Part II

    Prosecco on lees Part II

    inserito da Bele Casel @ Luca Ferraro

    These last few weeks have been spent gathering information, asking friends for feedback, reading articles, talking with customers, tasting right and left. I am as tense as I was when Filippo, our youngest child, was still in Giuliana's womb. I knew then that he would become one of the most important people in my life and yet I could not know what he really would be like until I held him in my arms. The "sur lie"- oops, sorry - the Prosecco on lees is putting me through the same emotional wringer. Prosecco on lees embodies the history of the "Trevigiani bubblies". It is a history of harvests done late in the season, of wines that will remain sweet because of low temperatures - only to re-awaken in spring with the arrival of warmer weather. It is the history of a wine on the...