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  • Sharing an experience, significant statements

    Sharing an experience, significant statements

    inserito da FortidelVento - Tomaso Armento

    After having spent the last months dealing with Italian wine merchants, restaurateurs and wine shops, I can say they are truly teaching me how things works here. I am start understanding everyday issues of wine representatives also by weighting the precious words they told me. I am still pretty far from saying "yes, now I know the Italian wine world"! I clearly understand that the wine world has a great complexity, and now I may end up with the idea that I will never be able to get to a real knowledge of it (actually this idea came up in my mind during the studies for the second level of the Sommelier course and it's still buzzling me). I also had the chance to meet small and big wine producers, understanding that sometimes I hadn't appreciated the taste of their wines without...

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