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  • Wine & 2.0 web...rationalizing a little

    Wine & 2.0 web...rationalizing a little

    inserito da FortidelVento - Tomaso Armento

    In the last years I've seen an increasing interaction between web 2.0 and wine makers: you can find many of us on social networks both general (Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook) and specialized (Vinix) etc.... The problem, at least for me, is that almost every week I can find interesting individual, not just prospect customer, I wish to learn from or speak to, as I really enjoy the knowledge buildevery day frominteractions . But this is getting me into trouble, as I don't understand how to rationalise the flow of information to keep up withthem. The RSS is definitely the right instrument if you wish to catch up with blogs, but what I should use for twitter, facebook and friendfeed? Moreover friends in twitter are seldom the same you have in friendfeed or facebook... Also, I...

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