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    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

    It was strongly suggested, and rightly so, that this piece should also be posted in the language being discussed. So, with apologies for being late, here we go. Hello good folks of the Vinix Village. You are known by many names, labels and classifications: farmers, wine growers, fans of good food (“slow” and otherwise), hoteliers, gourmets, trentini, paciolosi, krauts, polentoni, trevisani, maremmanio, valtellinesi, torinesi (gianduiotti?), milanesi (meneghini & exiled like me), magnagati e magna Gate, tigulliensi, emiliani… Quite an eclectic assembly of people, isn’t it? It could be hard to fathom that all of you come from the same Country, a Country called Italy that (also difficult to believe) is almost a full century younger than the U.S.A. After...