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  • Terroir Vino 2010

    Terroir Vino 2010

    inserito da Gianni M. Lovato

    So, is it too late to write about Terroir Vino 2010? If so, please forgive me or just stop reading. Try to understand, if you wish: it has been a week since my return to the US, and only now (and unwillingly) I am beginning to unpack and sort out the huge mass of emotional baggage that I have carried with me across the Atlantic. The three days spent in Genoa for Terroir Vino, although seminal and very pleasant, were but a fraction of a fraction of my  4 weeks stay in Europe. I have lived in the US since 1970 and this has been the first time in 40 years that I have had the time to savor Italy and the Italians as one should: slowly and with gusto. More than an enjoyable touristic voyage, for me this was a pilgrimage, vaguely planned to retrace the steps of my ancestry and my...