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  • MUST Fermenting Ideas, where the future of wine ferments

    MUST Fermenting Ideas, where the future of wine ferments

    inserito da Nicoletta Dicova

    From 26-28 June in Estoril, a picturesque tiny village on the Atlantic Coast, half an hour drive from the fuzz of Lisbon, took place the third edition of Must Fermenting Ideas Wine Summit. There are of course many wine summits taking place across the globe , but some features of MUST make it pretty unique. The high quality of the contents is undoubtedly one of these, the list of the speakers at this year’s edition included prominent names as Eric Asimov ( New York Times), Felicity Carter ( Meininger International), Miguel Torres ( Bodega Torres), Isabelle Legeron MW ( RAW Fair) just to mention a few. Then worth mentioning was the perfect organisation, a fact particularly remarkable considering we were in Portugal and not in Germany and the beautiful venue: the elegant,...

  • Colares, impossible wines

    Colares, impossible wines

    inserito da Nicoletta Dicova

    There are places on Earth particularly gifted and suitable for viticulture, where everything seems to happen with a certain spontaneity (I wouldn’t say easiness )with that kind of nonchalance as the French would say which distinguishes the very good from the excellent. And then there are other type of places, the impossible places, where every drop of wine is born soaked with sweat, tears and blood and is conquered with great effort. Colares is one of those. Vines there need to snake like serpents on the sand in order to protect themselves from the fierce salty winds, untrained and often few meters away from the ocean. Viticulture in Colares is a pure form of masochism, the vines can be worked only manually and need to be protected by the violent ocean wind with stone walls or cane...