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  • Indigenous yeasts

    Indigenous yeasts

    inserito da Marilena Barbera - Cantine Barbera

    This is a very important harvest for me: we have started to select and reproduce indigenous yeasts from every vineyard in Tenuta Belicello. In the past years, we have experienced a yeast selection only from the Merlot grapes, which we now want to apply to all the varieties that we grow in our winery.  After a few years of experience, this decision has become a logical consequence of our commitment to quality and to a more natural and sustainable grape growing and winemaking. I expect at least two results from our choice of using indigenous yeasts for our fermentations: first of all, I am well aware that wines made with "wild" strains could be less manageable than those made with selected ones. At the same time, I believe that what is expected to be an issue would, on the...