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  • USA Tour. First stop: San Francisco

    USA Tour. First stop: San Francisco

    inserito da Marilena Barbera - Cantine Barbera

    San Francisco is one of the American cities I love the most: I have been here six or seven times since I started working with my current importer, and coming back is always very exciting. Every time the city welcomes me with open arms, and I feel like home. The Bay Area is friendly and eclectic, with a wonderful restaurant scene. The Italian gastronomic culture is not anymore a North Beach matter, as it was some years ago, but influences greatly the foodie districts downtown, from the Marina to the Mission. Italian style inspires many of the best restaurants, and attracts a glamorous crowd. A16, Incanto, Acquerello, Pesce, Perbacco, Cotogna: you can guess what’s in the menu by just reading the neon signs. Italian wine is today very much appreciated. All native varieties...