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  • Home is where the heart is

    Home is where the heart is

    inserito da Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    So excited! In less than 72 hours I fly home. I will be in DC and Austin Texas from December 25 to January 15th, this is awesome! I get to hang out with family, visit all my favourite places with my dear husband Enrico. I will be trying out new restaurants, bookshops, cafès. I will be feasting on some awesome sushi and some Tex Mex cuisine... I would KILL for a chile relleno right about now. Also I am taking some wines to the US that a friend of mine makes here, putting them in the hands of a distributor acquaintance and taking some olive oil, saline di trapani salt and some tuma stagionata from a local caseificio. I am thrilled to bits about this and can't wait to tell my friends, contacts and family about all the exciting things happening in Italy with regards to...

  • Take this quiz

    Take this quiz

    inserito da Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    Take this quiz: What do you think of this quiz? Like of Gary Vaynerchuk fame, this wine shop in the heart of DC was created a few years ago and geared towards young wine consumers (clearly over 21 yrs of age), the idea is to grow your customer, educate them (formarli) and as their palate grows more sophisticated, adult and discerning the hope is that they will buy more and more wine. One of the things I don't see very often here in Italy, and bear in mind that I live in a small town pop. 82,000 but in the very HEART of wine country is a careful, strategic and concerted effort to interact with customers. So when I say I don't see it in Italy I mean I don't see it in Marsala or Palermo, Palermo...

  • Dinner at Trattoria da Pino

    Dinner at Trattoria da Pino

    inserito da Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    My husband and I had a quiet dinner last night at Trattoria da  Pino, there weren't many diners just two other couples and a table of friends. I had the appetizer. At Pino's they have a beautiful table laden with all sorts of siclian vegetable appetizers. Eggplant, Zucchini, olives, onions prepared in many ways. Breaded, sauteed, boiled, broiled, in agrodolce. I had an egglplant cutlet, it was lightly breaded and fried, it was amazing. And I had some octopus and portobello mushrooms. For my main course I had grilled calamari and my husband had a pasta dish Pino's is famous for Zuppa ghiotta di aragosta con pasta. The soup or lobster broth was delicious and it had short spaghetti pasta. The portion was huge so I tasted it. My calamari and shrimp were beautifully grilled...