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  • Trentino and France in Sicily

    Trentino and France in Sicily

    inserito da Deika Elmi-Abdulle

    So another holiday season is upon us. I had surgery on December 9th, a complete reconstruciton of my ACL in my left knee and partial meniscus reconstruction. Needless to say I won't be cooking much. simple and easy things that don't require much walking or standing.  I started physical therapy this week, I am doing well but I tire easily. This year I wanted Christmas to be really special as it will probably be my last in Italy for a while. I am moving back to Texas in April. So far I have been going back and forth. One of my sisters lives in Texas and I stay at her place when I go. The time has come to change. The economy, social restrictions and a (percieved) lack of amenties in Italy is what has influenced me to move back to the US. We planned the menu...