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  • Bajaj's origins

    Bajaj's origins

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Today, I wanna tell you a few words about the origins of our winery. First, you should know that the "MORETTI" family is present in the Roero territory since the beginning of 1600, according to the records of the Land Registry of Monteu Roero (CN). At the beginning, it was a single large farm that, due to misunderstanding and family vicissitudes, has been fragmented. Currently we are 3 wineries in our village having the name "MORETTI". My grandmother told me that, once upon a time, the whole family was reunited in a fraction of the village called "Occhetti". Due to continuous quarrels, however, the climate became unbearable, and my grandmother DARIA with my grandfather MATTEO, decided to leave that place to go to the farm...

  • The wine helps sexual activity!

    The wine helps sexual activity!

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    Everybody knows the beneficial effects of wine on health and often we talk about the relationship between wine and sex, but what is the truth? The wine is really good for sex? A book "Wine and Eros", published by Giunti Demetra, admirably describes a study conducted in Tuscany on a sample of about 1,000 women. The investigation has concluded that, when taken in moderate doses, the wine increases sexual desire. The sexual sphere would be influenced by polyphenols in wine. These, combined with the low amount of alcohol (never more than 20%), act on the nervous centers, helping to relax and uninhibited women, providing additional lubrication on genitalia, and orgasm pleasure. The study involved only women, but also the effects on men...

  • Quale bicchiere scegliere?

    Quale bicchiere scegliere?

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    La perfetta silhouette dei vini La forma del bicchiere può influire sulle caratteristiche del vino che si sorseggia. Parola di esperti Non basta saper scegliere un vino buono: occorre servirlo nel bicchiere più adatto ad esaltarne le caratteristiche. Lo affermano diversi esperti di enologia, e lo sottolinea da anni Riedel, azienda austriaca che realizza bicchieri pensati appositamente per le specifiche tipologie di vino. Il bicchiere può fare davvero la differenza, perché la sua forma, la sua architettura permette di esaltare alcune peculiarità, che al contrario potrebbero andare perse se il vino viene servito nel calice sbagliato. Ogni tipologia di uva porta con sé un preciso dna: profumo, consistenza, quantità di tannini o di...

  • Big wineries vs/ small wine producers

    Big wineries vs/ small wine producers

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    Recently I've interfaced myself with some restaurant in which it is really difficult to sell my enoic products because, if I don't have a famous name that 'catches on possible customers. All this is understandable. The tourist who goes to the restaurant drinks (80% of cases) a wine just because they know the name or read it on some wine guide. What is the consequence? Small producers like me are cut off from the market and cannot get into some important restaurants. But there is, unfortunately for the consumer, the "downside": often they precludes to themselves the possibility of being able to try niche and high quality products, which have nothing to envy to the "brothers" and "cousins" far more noble! And the price: as ANGELO GAJA said, the...

  • 10 REASONS to stop the Free Wine Tastings in the winery

    10 REASONS to stop the Free Wine Tastings in the winery

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Spring and summer season are coming , the tourist season , and many wineries will resume the usual ( and fool ! ) practice of free tastings in the winery . Here are 10 Reasons for which WINE TASTING MUST BE PAID : 1 ) The Wine Tasting COST ! - COST OF WINE - COST OF EMPLOYEES - COST OF UTILITIES - EQUIPMENT COSTS 2) The Wine Tasting could be a PROFIT for the winery 3) Because what it's FREE, generally, RELY A LITTLE. If you offer free Wine Tasting, unless you have a dispenser that preserve the wine longer or a stream of visitors which allows you to open a bottle of wine of each type per day (at what cost, though!), You might be tempted to keep for several days the bottles that remain open. This could be the most unfortunate choice you can make in your tasting room....

  • VINE Vs LAND - Europe wants to liberalize the name of wines!!!!

    VINE Vs LAND - Europe wants to liberalize the name of wines!!!!

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    According to some rumors, the European Parliament, it's thinking about a change of existing Regulation on wine, which would exceed the names of local origin of products, focusing on the type of grape. Ok, BUT ARE WE SERIOUS ????? An operation of this kind could erase years of promotion of our agricultural products, that have emerged in the world for their high quality, but above all, for the CLOSE CONNECTION WITH THE LAND! Imagine a Barolo, Barbaresco or a Roero produced in Lithuania. It would be a resounding FALSE that would lead to the destruction of the relationship based on the connection between product and territory, but also a lot of confusion among consumers. All this could be the TOMB OF MADE IN ITALY. ...