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  • Bajaj's origins

    Bajaj's origins

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Today, I wanna tell you a few words about the origins of our winery. First, you should know that the "MORETTI" family is present in the Roero territory since the beginning of 1600, according to the records of the Land Registry of Monteu Roero (CN). At the beginning, it was a single large farm that, due to misunderstanding and family vicissitudes, has been fragmented. Currently we are 3 wineries in our village having the name "MORETTI". My grandmother told me that, once upon a time, the whole family was reunited in a fraction of the village called "Occhetti". Due to continuous quarrels, however, the climate became unbearable, and my grandmother DARIA with my grandfather MATTEO, decided to leave that place to go to the farm...

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