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  • Roero Days, the charge of wine producers!

    Roero Days, the charge of wine producers!

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Probably, many of you already know that on sunday the 20 and monday the 21 of march , a great event has taken place: the "Roero Days", two days dedicated entirely to the denomination D.O.C.G. "Roero" and its territory. This year, I've partecipated only as external visitor to evaluate the work of the Roero Consortium and I have to say they have really done a great job. It has been a pleasure for me to see most of my colleagues of Roero together for a common purpose: to promote the excellence of our territory! Another encouraging factor for the future is the presence of so many young people behind the tasting desk to represent their wineres; signal that, even on the left bank of the river Tanaro, something is changing . . . Big...

  • Langhe Favorita: a vine destinated to disappear?

    Langhe Favorita: a vine destinated to disappear?

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    DO YOU KNOW THE AUTOCHTHONOUS VINE LANGHE FAVORITA? It is a vine belonging to the family of the "Vermentino", come in Piedmont through the streets of oil and salt from the nearby Liguria. Initially only used as a table grape, at the beginning of '800 it begins to be vinified by some farmers. The result is stunning, and this wine manages to get in all major European courts. It becomes a D.O.C. in 1994 Unfortunately, two factors threaten the existence of this magnificent vine: - On one hand the "disease of the century" in terms of viticulture: the golden flavescence. In fact, the "Favorita" is the second most sensitive grape variety in Piedmont to the insect that causes the disease. - On the other hand we have producers who don't believe in this grape...

  • Se la carta dei vini è troppo cara... caro ristoratore, sei un incompetente!

    Se la carta dei vini è troppo cara... caro ristoratore, sei un incompetente!

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Quali sono le regole universali per il giusto ricarico di un vino al ristorante? Mi verrebbe da dire: “non esistono regole”. Ma poi, a guardarci bene, c’è qualcuno che fissa qualche regola sui ricarichi dei vini al ristorante e sono i famigerati Studi di settore. Gli Studi di settore, pur prevedendo una casistica ampia e complessa, in genere indicano un ricarico minimo di due volte e mezza (Iva esclusa) come giusto e corretto per la gestione di un’attività di ristorazione: in sostanza, se compri un vino a 10 euro (Iva 22% esclusa) lo dovresti rivendere a 25 euro (Iva 10% esclusa), ovvero in definitiva a 27,5 euro al tavolo. E fin qui potremmo starci, mi sembra un ricarico più che accettabile. La cosa però diventa interessante quando...

  • 8 curiosities about wine

    8 curiosities about wine

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Why the wine bottles are 75 cl? This unit comes from the English culture,that measured the volume in imperial gallons. Each gallon was worth 4.5 liters. Each box contained 2 gallons of wine, which is divided into 12 bottles results in 75 cl each. Hungarians never finish their glass It 'a little-known proverb in Italy, but spread abroad, hiding the story of one of the best Hungarian wines: the Eszsencia. It was a just fermented grape juice, sweet, syrupy liqueur much that its last drops remained inaccessible on the bottom of the glass,in despite the desire to finish it! A cap of Champagne can 'get up to 106 km per hour It 'was a really broken records, whereas normally the rate recorded for a cap of Champagne is about 65 km per hour. A rate...

  • A 30 anni dallo scandalo metanolo

    A 30 anni dallo scandalo metanolo

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Marzo 1986 23 vittime. Lo scandalo legato al metanolo è una ferita sempre aperta nei ricordi di produttori ed amanti del vino. Una ferita al cuore di una delle "eccellenze" della produzione italiana. Cos'è il metanolo? Si tratta di un alcool naturale che, aumentato dolosamente, causa intossicazioni , gravi lesioni, e puó portare alla morte. Era il 18 marzo 1986 quando giunse la notizia che, in seguito alle segnalazioni di alcuni casi di avvelenamento registrati a Milano, fu dato l’incarico al sostituto procuratore della Repubblica Alberto Nobili di fare luce su quello che sarebbe stato un clamoroso scandalo del settore alimentare: il vino al metanolo. In breve tempo le autorità italiane resero, comunque, nota la marca dei vini che...

  • Good natural wines, a possible bet

    Good natural wines, a possible bet

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    On a recent visit as a visitor to the "LIVE WINE" in Milan, an event dedicated to natural wines. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always been skeptical about these "trends" , in my opinion, they are simply commercial strategies, disguised as a kind of respect for nature. And, ironically, these salons of natural wines, I visit them all! Because I want to understand, I want to learn, because (maybe) this is the right path. In Milan I've talked with many wine producers about natural wines and each of them has left me something. Of course, the producton of wines that can be called natural, It's a long way. As suggested by MARCO COLICCHIO, a young producer of Lazio, with just one hectare of land planted with vines, you have to EXPERIENCE, you have to...

  • Women and Wine

    Women and Wine

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    The relationship between women and wine is totally changed through the history, it has practically turned upside down . . . in fact, in the past, it didn’t exist and could not exist any relationship between a woman and a glass of good wine. In the Roman Empire in fact the women abstained from wine and could not even taste it. Marco Catone declares that women surprised drinking wine , will be judged and punished by the court; the offense was comparable to infamy and adultery. Today the time in which the topic "wine" is absolute and exclusive male sector of the universe it’s over. Indeed, women are increasingly the protagonists of this sector: they are simply passionate or even enologhe, producers, sellers or sommelier. And also in this...