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  • Quando di tratta di vino, siete galanti?

    Quando di tratta di vino, siete galanti?

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    Ecco alcune regole che vi permetteranno di essere ricordati da amici e parenti per la vostra ospitalità! – Nel caso foste voi i padroni di casa, sarete voi a dover versare il vino e dovrete farlo sempre dalla parte destra del commensale (al massimo di fronte) e dovrete far ruotare la bottiglia nel momento di rialzarla dal bicchiere, in modo da non far cadere neanche una goccia sulla tovaglia (come un Sommelier!). – Quando bevete e versate del vino bianco o rosato, ricordate di reggere il bicchiere dalla parte inferiore (lo stelo del calice) e soltanto con pollice e indice… il contenuto deve restare fresco e non va scaldato con il palmo della mano. – Portare il bicchiere alla bocca e non chinarsi in avanti al momento di bere, farà di...

  • Mistakes to not make when drinking wine

    Mistakes to not make when drinking wine

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    In the bustle of everyday life, often, we don't give importance to the relaxing time to spend with a good glass of wine. Whether you are experts or amateurs, there are mistakes that should be avoided in order to fully enjoy the sensory sensations given by our beloved grape nectar. 1) DO NOT FILL THE GLASS TOO MUCH: a too much-full glass makes the tasting difficult. 2) KEEP THE GLASS IN THE CORRECT WAY: it is necessary to keep the cup from the stem. The glass should not be taken from the cup because otherwise the heat of your hand will warm the wine, without any odors present on your hand, will cover the scent of wine. 3) DON'T BUY THE WINE BY LABEL: said simply . . . do not judge a book by its cover! 4) DON'T ALWAYS DRINK THE SAME WINES: Change, change and change! There...

  • Wine and social media: who are the wine lovers?

    Wine and social media: who are the wine lovers?

    inserito da Bajaj Azienda Agricola

    We live in an increasingly "social" world, in which, every day, new terms born. And the cyber Wine lovers can't avoid the evolving of the language to define himself. Let's see some examples: - Enjoyer: he sees wine as a mean to achieve happiness and rediscover himself. This definition is suggesting the "poètes maudits", like Baudelaire. - Prophet: wine is a religious object, for those who fall under this definition, they see the delicious nectar of grapes as a purpose, a fetish to idolize. They love to talk about wine, vineyards, cellars and labels but always with great respect. - Wine Victim: for those wine lovers, wine becomes the panacea for all ills: a girl left me, DRINK; the cat dies, DRINK; I've lost my job, DRINK; etc etc Every ...