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The fine line between effective communication and spam

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Vinix provides an extremely powerful tool, which, for the time being is totally free. It allows all users, even those registered for free, to create groups of contacts and to send them private messages. Although they are private, these messages can be sent to multiple users simultaneously. Some users have immediately understood the restraint and sensitivity that need to be exercised in using this tool, whilst others have somewhat gone overboard with it. But, after all, we're all here to get the hands on experience and get our heads round the system in order to learn to make the most of it, myself included.

The following are some points we asked company that had overdone it somewhat to consider, although I am absolutely convinced that rather than having been a conscious decision to indulge in spamming, this ‘abuse’ was more the result of a sheer lack of understanding of the system.
Where the line is drawn between what constitutes a spam message and what constitutes a non-spam marketing message is not always very clear. In addition, it is certainly not always simple to use the vinix multiple messaging system without unwittingly finding oneself on the wrong side of that line. Therefore, I would suggest the following - when you send a group email, always ask yourself the question:
“ If I were to receive this message, would it attract my attention? Would it be useful for me? Would I react positively to it or would I just find it annoying?”.

Your contact list will most certainly be vitally important for you, but please make sure you use it with respect and moderation, and never lose sight of how you would want to be treated. Remember that receiving attention from someone you have contacted can rapidly degenerate into their not wanting to have anything more to do with you.
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  • Filippo Ronco

    Filippo Ronco

    Pensavo di renderlo raggiungibile, insieme ad altre cose che ho scritto - con gli utilissimi commenti dei partecipanti a corredo - dall'area help di vinix. Anzi, lo faccio subito.

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