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DOs & DON'Ts on Vinix

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Here is a useful list of things to avoid doing on Vinix.
Far from being exhaustive, it includes a basic set of tips & rules that we ask all participants to follow strictly.

  1. Rule # 1
    The internet is not a place where you can do what you want. Much as the off-line world, it is made up of real people, able to make up their own opinion of you based on your behavior and what you write. Always keep this fact in mind.
  2. Double registrations
    Before you submit a company, make sure it is not already registered, if you do not remember your password, request it from here or write to: . We check almost everything here, but a little extra attention from you means a lot less work on the other side of the wall. :-)
  3. Classifieds flooding
    Yes, classifieds are free OK?, But do not post the same ad up 200 times. If there is no response to your first classified, wait for the expiration of your listing and possibly try to reinsert it writing differently, or trying to engage people who you think might be interested in your service / object / event, in a different way. Using moderation, you can publish as many classifieds as you like and whenever you want. Otherwise you may risk becoming identified immediately as a spammer (not very desirable if you intend to build up business here).
  4. Interest conflict in wine tasting notes
    If you have a winery, you can include photos, restaurant reviews, listings, open a blog. But please do not review your own wines. The posts will be removed and you'll lose credibility.
  5. Interest conflict in restaurant reviews
    Same as above: if you have a restaurant, you can publish your photos, wine tastings, classifieds or just open a blog on Vinix but please do not review your own restaurant. Those posts will be removed as well and you will lose credibility.
  6. More on interest conflict
    If you are a wine merchant the rules are the same. Publish whatever you like, but please do not review your own products.
  7. The blog is about commitment and relationships
    When you open a blog, remember: this is NOT a site where to cut-and-paste your company brochure. You will receive only negative comments. People want to speak with YOU, not with a Company, they want to know YOU, they whant to be engaged by YOU. Trying to address your target with informal language, by telling your true story, describing your job and/or speaking of your true passions you will succeed.
  8. It's easy to say blog...
    Some time ago, a company that quickly started blogging on Vinix told me: "I'm listening to all your suggestions but the fact is that it is very hard to talk as producer to a consumer with passion without allowing some obvious interest to transpire". Perhaps this is the most difficult thing for you to understand. It's not that you should not talk about your Company. The important thing is HOW you do it. The true commitment and the desire to engage other persons in your story. A personal approach does matter. The desire to speak with a person and not to an undefined and impersonal mass of people as you normally do with a cold brochure makes the difference. Better to be known for whom you are and what you believe in, rather than only for what you aim to sell. When you engage a person, his/her interestyou're your products and services will almost certainly follow.
  9. I do not see my photos!
    You've created a photo album but can't see it on Vinix? Are you sure you set it as public album? Log in, access your photo albums and check it.
  10. Titles (and headings)
    Regardless of what you publish on Vinix, always take the time to add a relevant title. Titles are the most important information on the page for search engine spiders. Titles help Google to archive your content better and faster and allows Vinix users to easily locate it.
  11. Duplicate classifieds / posts & timesensitive events.
    If you have just published a classified telling about an event, it makes no sense to open a blog and duplicate the same content with a post, especially if you think it is the only blog post you're going to publish here. It's always better to use the classifieds only to promote your events. If you like, use your Vinix blog to tell the people how the event went or if was a success from your perspective.
  12. Wine tasting notes on Vinix: writing wine names properly.
    Wherever possible we try to write the name of each wine using the same criteria. This way everybody can enjoy the effectiveness of the search engine and the results can be based on relevant keywords. Most of all: don't include the harvest year in the wine name field but use the specific field. For Italian wine names, follow this pattern: Wine VDT or IGT For IGT's, put the fantasy name (if applicable) or the grape variety first, then the name of the IGT. For VDT's only the name of the fantasy name of wine or grape, followed by VDT and (optional) the color of the wine. Eg: Fantasy name Chardonnay Toscana IGT Eg: Chardonnay Toscana IGT (if you don't have a fantasy name) Eg: Fantasy name VDT Eg: Grape name Vdt DOC or DOCG wines First of all, put the Doc or Docg complete name, then the name of the grape (if variety), then the fantasy name of the wine and/or the vineyard (easier said than done) Eg: Colli di Luni Vermentino Doc Fantasy name or vineyard Eg: Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Eg: Barolo DOCG Eg: Barolo DOCG name of the vineyard
  13. Wine tasting notes, please, submit your notes with full details!
    You spent10 minutes writing a tasting note? Invest 2 more minutes to enter complete data for firm, wine and tags. The label goes first, but then also the year (except of course in the case of wine without year, eg.: non-vintage sparkling wine).
  14. Capitalization
    If possible, use capital letters only when necessary. Even the titles, for consistency, write small with only initial capital letters. Thank you.
  15. Multiple Tastings / Symposiums
    If you had the chance to taste many wines at once, please don't use the "Various" heading when publishing a single wine tasting note, telling the whole story, It could be that you have several posts in your hand. Open a separate post on your Vinix blog reporting on your symposium; then follow by publishing your notes separately in the appropriate area. This way you'll get the maximum exposure, indexing and traceability for your content.
  16. Local time-sensitive events, use the classifieds area
    With the aim of streamlining our efforts to maintain the blog area as much as possible devoted to discussions and debates, we've created this additional rule. If you need to submit an event, especially when this event is only of local importance (eg, a dinner, a little wine tasting, a small meeting) always use the classifieds area and not the Vinix blog tool. Using classifieds is good anyway. Remember: each time you publish something on Vinix - whatever it is - all your following contacts receive a notification, so you generate the same buzz, but you will make best use of space and common tools. Only those event very special and relevant worth to be announced using the blog tool, but in principle, the classified area should be preferred. You should use the blog area whenever you want to tell the story once the event has taken place.
  17. Network special events, grouping of conversations
    As on many respected social networks, even on Vinix live sessions and meetings happen. In those particular situations, Vinix users are asked to leave feedbacks on these initiatives using comments. If you want to support us, please use comments and never answer a question or give your feedback opening a new separated blog post. In some case, to rationalize the participation in these initiatives, Vinix reserves the right to move or remove your content if placed in the wrong place or without following the directions hereby provided.
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