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Vinix Live! permanent Calendar

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Vinix Live! permanent Calendar

Vinix Live! is a special wine event format that allows you to meet wine producers, to taste wines and to directly buy wines you like at a very special price, the same that restaurants and wine shops can bout from the producer. Here you can find all the dates of Vinix Live! events in Italy and in the world:


Vinix Live! #15 at Faedo c/o Pojer e Sandri Cellar 
Wednesday August 15th 2012 at Faedo, Trento (Italy)
Host: Pojer & Sandri
Organizer: Mario Pojer

Vinix Live! #14 at Novellara (event closed)
Saturday May 26th 2012, Bar Roma, Novellara (RE) - Italy
Host: Bar Roma
Organizers: Andrea Bezzecchi, Bar Roma

Vinix Live! #13 in Vulture
(event closed)
Sabato 18 febbraio 2012, Melfi, Potenza (Basilicata, Italia)
Organizza: Sara Carbone

Vinix Live! #12 at Spello, Perugia
(event closed)
Sunday October 30th 2011 at Spello, Perugia (Umbria, Italy)
Presso struttura privata
Organizer: Hispellum, Jacopo Cossater

Vinix Live! #11 at Il Mosnel (event closed)
Saturday October 1st 2011 at Camignone, Brescia (Lombardia, Italia)
Host: Il Mosnel
Organizer: Lucia Barzanò

Vinix Live! at Pojer & Sandri (Closed)
Monday 15 August 2011 at Faedo, Trento (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)
Host: Pojer & Sandri
Organizer: Mario Pojer

Vinix Live! #9 a Monte delle Vigne (Closed)
Saturday May 7th 2011 at Ozzano Taro, Parma (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
Host: Monte delle Vigne Firm
Organizers: Beatrice Brighenti, Monte delle Vigne

Vinix Live! #8 at Castello Estense of Ferrara
Saturady December 11th 2010 at Ferrara (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
Host: Castello Estense di Ferrara
Organizers: Mirco Mariotti and Consorzio "Il Gusto di Ferrara"

Vinix Live! #7 a Il Mosnel (Closed)
Saturday September 25th 2010 at Camignone, Brescia (Lombardia, Italy)
Host: Il Mosnel
Organizer: Lucia Barzanò

Vinix Live! #6 a Faedo da Pojer e Sandri (Closed)
Saturday August 21th 2010 at Faedo, Trento (Trentino, Italy)
Host: Pojer & Sandri
Organizer: Mario Pojer

Vinix Live! #5 all'Acetaia San Giacomo (Closed)
Saturday May 22th 2010 at Novellara, Reggio Emilia (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
Host: Acetaia San Giacomo
Organizer: Andrea Bezzecchi, Alessandro Setti

Vinix Live! #4 at ExEliografica
Saturday March 6th 2010 at Perugia (Umbria, Italy)
Host: ExEliografica
Organizer: Jacopo Cossater

Vinix Live! #3 at Azienda Agricola Sandro De Bruno (Closed)
Saturday February 13th 2010 at Montecchia di Crosara (Verona, Italy)
Host: Agricola Sandro De Bruno
Organizers: Azienda Agricola Sandro De Bruno, Sandra Parolin
, Davide Cocco

Vinix Live! #2 a La Forma dell'Acqua (Closed)
Saturady 28th November - Ospedaletto Euganeo (Padova, Italy)
Host: La Forma dell'Acqua
Organizer: Giuseppe Trisciuzzi

Vinix Live! #1 a Cascina Tollu
Saturday 24th October - Rocca Grimalda (Alessandria, Italy)
Host: Cascina Tollu
Organizer: Tomaso Armento

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