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New language tools on Vinix

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New language tools on Vinix

In the last weeks we've spent all our efforts to introduce new important language tools and this is because one of the most relevant objective fot us, is to create tools wich can make interaction between people of different countries (and languages) on Vinix much easier:

a) if you have a "pro" plan on Vinix (120,00 euros / month), now you can add your contents in double language (english / italian). You simply have to post in the same way as before but now if you are not italian, you can add a second language (italian or english, accordingly with the primary language you've set on your Vinix Preferences: ). The system is now able to show the right content,showing up the italian version to italian people and the english version to all the rest of the world.

b) ability (you always need a "pro" plan) to add the second language for all your posts and the classifieds you've published in the past. Simply access you blog or classified area, click on "modify" and add the second language. This is important to make all the people who can't understand you in the past be able to read you in theis language now.

c) auto user language discovery, based on the browser language and a new homepage with english contents only if you browse it as a unregistered or a unlogged user (if you're logged in, you'll see content in both languages or only in your language according with your vinix preferences:

d) multiple messages in double language. If you have a pro plan, now you can access your Vinix Address Book and send multiple private messages to all (or a selection) of your contacts using this new feature: you can write you message in double language and the system will automatically deliver the message to all the selected recipients in the right one

e) new english feeds. Now, if you've subscribed to the english feed (posts and classifieds), you'll receive updates only in your language.

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